1. When you lodge a complaint with the ARB we request certain information. This is to ascertain, as far as possible, that you are a real person, that you are not a competitor pretending to be a consumer and that multiple complaints do in fact come from separate individuals.
  2. We share your name with the Advertiser against whom you complained, and we publish your name in our decisions, if the matter reaches that point. If you do not wish for this to occur, you need to withdraw your complaint.
  3. We do not share any of your other information without your permission.
  4. Your information is securely stored on our server.
  5. You may at any time request details about what information we have about you.
  6. We may from time to time use your information to examine complaint trends based on demographics. In doing so, we will at no time link your name to such trends analysis.
  7. You may at any time before a decision is made, withdraw the complaint and ask us to erase your data.
  8. However, once a decision is made, we are required to keep a full record for our legal protection in the event that the matter is challenged at a later stage.
  9. You may contact info@arb.org.za for any information in this regard at any time.

Consumer protection through responsible advertising


This value added service is available to both our Funders (at a discounted rate) and representatives of the marketing and advertising industries.


The training can be in-person if done in Johannesburg*  or online. There is no limit on the number of attendees, although the smaller the group, the more time for in-depth Q&A.

The first basic presentation is an ARB 101 with Q&A afterwards. It covers what we do, how we work, FAQs and the basics of the Code of Advertising Practice. Thereafter, new “general” training sessions will be offered periodically through the year.

*If outside Gauteng, travel expenses will be added to the cost.



Bespoke training would be tailored to cover a specific topic or topics of relevance to your company.

Training Module Cost to Funders Cost to Others
General Presentation (ARB 101) Free - up to 3 sessions per year R5,000.00 excluding VAT
Bespoke training to suit your needs R5,000.00 excluding VAT R10,000.00 excluding VAT


Protection of your personal information

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